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Plan more, relax more

Wednesday July 2, 2014 by Janice

We can all get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that need to be accomplished each day to make sure that everyone in our family is where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing with the stuff they need.

Family life is complicated by the fact that there are often times when each family member needs to be doing different things in different places. It’s hard to keep track and rushing around from one activity to the next can cause stress for everyone – not just for mom and dad. Kids can feel the stress of juggling their sports, school work and extra curricula activities just as much.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to get organized. Once you’ve got a clear idea of where everyone needs to be and what they need to do to get there, the pressure starts to subside and family life can become calmer. Armed with a family organizer like KitchenHub, impromptu requests for playdates, trips and treats can be slotted in without too much disruption or they can be postponed to a more suitable time. With a family organizer that shows you everyone’s daily tasks and activities, you can easily see if one child's request to go to a party across town will fit in with another child’s ballet class just up the road. Keep that organizer in the kitchen, where everyone can see it can help children realise just how much goes into running a family home. It’s all part of growing up.

As well as dates, kit lists can be added to KitchenHub’s planner. It’s easy to note down what’s needed every day and keep it on-screen. Mom and Dad can also make notes on when payments need to be made for activities and when they need to help at or attend special events.

Adding travel time to events can also take the pressure off. Adding a few minutes to estimated journey times lets everyone arrive calmly without slamming car doors as tires screech to a halt in the parking lot ten minutes late. Using KitchenHub’s efficient scheduling software can help you make sure that family life is just that little bit calmer.

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Top of the Class

Sunday August 4, 2013 by Janice

Whether your children are starting or returning to school in the fall, now is the time to get organized. It’s important to buy uniform, kit and supplies early to help everyone have a good start to their academic year.

Most schools publish dates and calendars in advance so it’s easy to update your KitchenHub with those crucial events. If you can, get the main semester dates in too so that you can start to plan vacations around the school breaks.

Back To School

Use KitchenHub to make lists of school supplies. If you have older children, ask them to organize their study areas and recycle or pass on their unwanted items to younger siblings. Make a list of everything your children need for the first few weeks and stock up early. Leaving all your shopping to the last weekend before the return to school can be stressful for everyone.

Don’t forget all those extra-curricular activities and playdates. If you can make contact with neighbouring families and friends from school in the holidays, you can put together a calendar for the first few weeks of the semester and help everyone to have a relaxing start to the new academic year.

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Family menu makeover

Thursday July 18, 2013 by Janice

Keeping a family fed is one of the biggest challenges to household organization. A family marches on its stomach and if you want to avoid expensive take-outs, impulse buys at the store and wasteful refrigerator clear-outs, it pays to plan.

Whether you shop online or at a real-time supermarket – take a look at your recent shopping habits. There will be a pattern. You’ll be able to see whether you run out of milk on a Thursday or whether you find yourself running to the nearest convenience store two or three times a week.

Look at the contents of your kitchen. You’ll find tins and jars of food lurking at the back of the cupboard. Search online for recipes to help you use those forgotten ingredients and throw out anything that is past its sell by date. Same goes for your freezer, use what you can and throw out anything that is past its best.

Look at your family’s eating habits – do you eat on the go or sit round the table? Sit down with your family and make a list of everyone’s favourite meals and create a menu for the week based on that list. If you’re throwing away a lot of fresh food each week, you need to change your meals.

Use KitchenHub’s Menu and Shopping List facility to create a list of favourite meals, recipes and a shopping list to take to the supermarket or use online. Start planning meals on a weekly basis to start with and once you’ve got into a routine and have worked out your family’s favourite meals and snacks, extend that menu planning to a fortnight or a month. The more you plan, the more time and money you’ll save by cutting down on expensive trips to the store and reducing the amount of food sitting around in your cupboards and refrigerator.

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Summertime and the planning is easy

Sunday July 7, 2013 by Janice

Just when you get on top of the logistics of the school week, along come the school vacations. This usually means a complete shake up of timetables, activities, working patterns and childcare. Getting organized early on means that vacations can be what they should be – a time to relax and enjoy

Top 5 tips for vacations

  • Make a note on your calendar a few months ahead to book early if you want the best deals and discounts for a family break at peak times.

  • Save regularly for vacation expenses – a change in childcare or visits to summer camp can bump up those bills.

  • Take a staycation – spend a few days exploring the sights and attractions nearby.

  • Plan time with far-away friends and family and combine an out of state trip with a mini-break along the way.

  • Use part of the vacation time to have a family clear-out - sort out kids’ closets and unused bikes, kit or sports equipment so that they’re ready to go back school. Get those unwanted items on Ebay and you could pay for the deposit on your vacation.

Get help planning your vacation with the KitchenHub Family Organizer. The all in one family management software that helps you to simplify your family life.

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Family Calendar

Saturday March 30, 2013 by Richard

The family calendar is at the heart of the KitchenHub Family Organizer. The multi-user, color coded, easy to use calendar allows you to keep track and plan all your family's activities and appointments. You can create single and repeating appointments, synchronize to your online calendar and view and print your daily, weekly or monthly schedules. Here are a few tips for using the KitchenHub family calendar to make your life simpler and more organized.


Creating new appointments is simple and fast. Select the date and time, enter a description, select who the appointment is for and click Save. Unlike other online family calendars, KitchenHub allows you have any number of family members for the same appointment.

Family Calendar Single Appointment

Repeating Appointments

As well as creating individual events, KitchenHub also allows you to add family appointments that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. To create a repeating appointment, enter the details as for a single appointment then click the "Repeats" radio button. The repeating details are then displayed where you can select when and how often the appointment is to reoccur. You can schedule your appointments to repeat until a certain date or you can let them repeat forever.

Family Calendat Repeating Appointment

Birthdays & Anniversaries

When you add your friend's and family's details to the KitchenHub address book, you can also enter birthdays and anniversaries (or any other date) and these dates will automatically be added to your family calendar. These address book appointments are shown with a special symbol so you can easily tell them apart from your regular appointments. You can choose which symbol is shown from the Settings screen.

Birthday Appointment

Online Calendar Sync to Google Calendars

KitchenHub allows you to synchronize your family calendar to your Google calendar. If you already use Google calendars then you can simply add the existing calendars into KitchenHub from the Settings screen and all your existing appointment will be automatically added to your KitchenHub family calendar. Any changes you make in the KitchenHub calendar will be automatically synchronized to your Google calendar and any changes you make in your Google calendar will be synchronized back to KitchenHub. If you have a mobile phone that supports Google calendars (e.g. an iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.) then you can view and update your KitchenHub calendars when you are away from home and any changes will appear automatically on your KitchenHub computer at home. If you don't already have a Google calendar then you can sign up for a free Google account and start using your online calendar in KitchenHub right away.


Another really useful feature is support for iCalendars. iCalendars allow you to subscribe to publicly available calendars for things like public holidays, sports schedules, school holidays and much more. For a great list of available iCalendars take a look at iCalShare.com

Google Calendar iCalendar

Printable Calendars

As convenient and great looking as the KitchenHub calendars are, there are still times when you may want to print a paper copy of your family calendar. KitchenHub gives you plenty of options for printing your calendars allowing you to print a daily schedule, a weekly family calendar or a monthly family calendar. Just select the calendar that you want to print on the screen and then click the Print button.

Printable Calendar

We think you'll agree that the family calendar is a great way to help simplify, manage and organize your family life. It's just one of the many great features in KitchenHub which also includes to do lists, address book, multi-user family email, shopping list, recipe organizer and sticky notes.

Why not try a free 30-day trial of KitchenHub today.

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Set up a family calendar – save money and time

Tuesday February 26, 2013 by Janice

It’s a fact of life. We’re paying more each month for our daily essentials and family income isn’t growing at the same rate. From gas to groceries, price rises are here to stay. At the same time family life just seems to get busier.

Getting organized is a simple way to save cash. Taking some time to review your family’s weekly calendar can have surprising results. Trips to after-school activities can be combined with other chores, shopping or gym visits. Working out your family schedule also makes it easier to make arrangements with other families. Sharing trips can save money, shrink your carbon footprint and release that extra time you spend in the car either driving to activities or waiting around until your kids are finished. Spending a couple of hours thinking about your family timetable and making a couple of phone calls is all it takes.

Don’t know where to start?

First – make a list, either using the sticky note section of KitchenHub or on paper. Make sure you include everything you and your family need to achieve in a week – whether that’s going to your book club, a racketball session for your partner or soccer skills training for the kids.

Add notes on when they take place, how long they take, how often they happen.

Create a diary for each family member on KitchenHub and watch as the information you add creates an easy-to-read calendar, based on everyone’s needs. You’ll be able to see clearly where you can combine trips and share car journeys – easy ways to save time and money.

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The best recipe organizer just got better

Wednesday March 23, 2011 by Richard

We've add some great new features to the recipe organizer in the latest release of the KitchenHub Family Calendar & Organizer making it even easier to plan your family's meals.


You can now add a photo to a recipe so you can remember just how great your food looked. Photos can be added from any file on your computer or you can paste in a photo that you have copied, for example, from another web site. Once the photo has been added, you can crop and scale it by simply dragging and resizing using the image crop tool.

Recipe Organizer


You can now give your recipes a rating from zero to five stars. You can also include a rating when searching for recipes. You'll soon find out just which meals your kids really like.

Recipe Ratings

Adding Ingredients to Shopping Lists

KitchenHub has a great grocery list feature but until now if you wanted to add the ingredients of a recipe to your shopping list then you had to copy and paste each entry one by one. Not any more. We've added a new shopping basket button which allows you to add all the ingredients of a recipe to your shopping list in one go.

Of course you may not want all of the ingredients to be added, after all you probably already have salt and pepper in your store cupboard, so KitchenHub first displays all the ingredients in a pop up window and allows you to select exactly which ingredients should be added to your shopping list. You can also amend the description of any of the ingredients so they are more appropriate for your shopping list.

Add Ingredients To Shopping List

Print Recipes

This was one of your most requested features. We've add recipe printing so you can now print a copy for your cookbook or pass a recipe on to your friends or family.

Print Recipe

Email Recipes

You can now email your recipes to other people. Simply click the email button on the recipe screen and a new email will be created with the recipe already filled in. Just add an email address, any extra comments and send.

Email Recipe

We think KitchenHub has one of the best recipe organizers and offers more features than many other standalone recipe programs and cookbook software applications. And that's on top of all the other great features included such as the family calendar, to do lists, address book, multi-user family email, sticky notes and shopping list.

As ever, we are always looking for new ways to make KitchenHub the best family organization application so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

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The best family calendar just got a little better

Wednesday March 16, 2011 by Richard

We've added more features to the family calendar in the KitchenHub Family Planner and Organizer making it faster, easier and more useful than ever.

Agenda Calendar

In addition to the monthly calendar and weekly calendar we've added a new agenda calendar showing your daily agenda for the next two months. This is similar to the view of the calendar you see on the home screen but uses more of the screen so you can see more details including your appointment end times.

Daily Calendar

We've added a new daily calendar that shows you just the appointments for a single day, again allowing you to see more of your information, all in one view.

Improved Selection of Appointment Start and End Times

We've changed the appointment start and end time dropdowns to make it faster and easier to select times, so you should need less scrolling to get your desired time. In addition we now also display the appointment length in the end time dropdown to make selecting the end time easier.

Faster, Easier Access to your Family Appointments

You can now delete an appointment without having to open it first. Simply select an appointment by clicking the small user colored square to the left of the description then click the Delete button that appears to the right to finish the action with a single click. Repeating family appointments will prompt you whether to delete the entire series or just the individual appointment.

Calendar Printing

We've added a new print preview feature so you can see beforehand exactly how your printable family calendar will look. We've added a start time to the daily calendar and weekly calendar so you can fit all your important appointments onto one page. The agenda calendar also allows you to select the number of days of your family agenda to print as well as the option to include the appointment descriptions.

Online Calendars

In addition to all of the above great new features, don't forget that KitchenHub allows you to synchronize your calendar to your Google online calendar (free Google account required). You can then access your online family schedule from your iPhone, Android Phone or any other mobile phone or computer with internet access. Any changes made to your calendar from KitchenHub or your online calendar will be automatically synchronized both ways.

We think KitchenHub has the best, easiest to use family calendar planner and is a great way to help you to manage your busy family schedule. And don't forget that KitchenHub also helps you to organize your family to do lists, email, address book, shopping lists, recipes, sticky notes and more. We're always looking for new ways to improve KitchenHub so if you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know!

Find out more about how to keep on top of your busy family life with a free 30 day trial of the KitchenHub Family Planner and Organizer. today.

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Managing your family chores just got a little easier with the KitchenHub Family Organizer

Wednesday March 9, 2011 by Richard

We've added some great new features to the to do lists in the latest release of the KitchenHub Family Organizer

New Lists

You can now group your to do items into separate lists allowing you to have lists for work, home, school etc. We've create two lists automatically for you, Personal and Work, but you can add any other lists that you like.

To Do Lists

To Do List Overview

We've added a dedicated to do list screen to KitchenHub. As well as giving you a much bigger view of your to do items, this also allows you to see tasks for any selected list or for all of your lists at the same time. You can also choose to show just your open items, your completed items or to view them all together.

To Do List Screen

Completed Status

We've added the ability to mark a to do item as completed so you no longer have to just delete an item when its done. When you do this we automatically set a completed date as well. Completed items are shown with a strike through and remain visible  on the home page for the remainder of the day that they were completed on.

Faster, Easier Access

We've made it even faster and easier to delete or mark an item as complete. Simply select an item by clicking the small user colored square to the left of the item then click the Delete or Complete button that appears to the right to finish the action with a single click.

Select To Do Item


You can now print your to do lists. From the new to do list screen, select the lists or lists that you want to print, select whether you wan to print just your open tasks, your completed tasks or all the tasks, then click the print button - simple !

Print Task List

We think that these new features will  make managing your family tasks and chores just that little bit easier. We're always looking for new ways to improve KitchenHub so if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

Find out more about how to manage and simplify your busy family life with a free 30 day trial of the KitchenHub Family Organizer today!

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Announcing KitchenHub 1.5 - Our biggest release yet!

Wednesday March 2, 2011 by Richard

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.5 of the KitchenHub Family Organizer. This is our biggest update yet and includes a whole bunch of new features that many of our users have been asking for. Some of the highlights include:

To Do Lists

You can now group your to do items into separate to do lists. We've set up a Personal and a Work list but you can create any lists that you like e.g. Holidays, School etc.
You can now mark a to do item as completed instead of just deleting it. By default the completed items remain visible for the remainder of the day but then drop off the home screen the next day.
We've added a new standalone to do list screen so you can easily see all of your new to do lists as well as giving you the ability to show just the open, completed or all to do items. You can also print your to do lists from this screen.
Finally, we made it even easier to delete or complete your items. Simply select the item by clicking the colored user icon then click the delete or completed button. Fast and easy!


You can now add a photo to your recipes. Photos can be added directly from your computer or by copying and pasting e.g. from a web site recipe.
We've added a 5 star rating so you can mark your favorite (and worst!) recipes and you can search by the rating too.
Recipe ingredients can now be added directly to your shopping list. Click the shopping basket button on the recipe screen and all the ingredients will be displayed in a new window. From here you can edit the description of the ingredients and select/deselect which ingredients are required before adding them directly to your shopping list.
You can now email a recipe with a click of a button and we've also added recipe printing.

Shopping Lists

We've improved the printing of shopping lists. You can now choose to group your shopping list products by category or you can just print them in the order they appear in the list. We've also added multi-column printing to save on paper.
One other small feature that we think you'll like - the shopping basket icon on the home screen now shows the total number of items in your shopping list so you can easily see when its getting for a visit to the store. If you have multiple shopping lists and you don't want some of the items to be included in the total then simply edit the shopping list and uncheck the box "Exclude this list from total shopping items count" and any items on the list will be ignored.

Sticky Notes

You can now draw on the sticky notes in a choice of pen colors and we've also added an eraser to correct any mistakes. We've also added a choice of font sizes so you can get more text onto a note if required.
Sticky notes can now be deleted without having to open them first. Simply click the note to select then click the 'X' in the top right hand corner to delete.


We've added a couple of new views to the calendar. The Day view allows you to see just one day in a full screen view. The Agenda view is similar to the calendar on the home screen but is larger so shows you more information as well as showing the appointment end times.
One other small change - past appointments on the agenda view are now dimmed once the appointment has ended, in the past it was dimmed once the appointment had started.
We've improved the calendar printing - you can now select the start time for the daily and weekly calendars and we also show you a print preview before printing.
Selecting appointment times is now much easier too. We now show the appointment length next to the end times and we better control the position of the selected time when the dropdown is first opened.
Finally, as with the to do items, you can now delete an appointment without having to open it. Simply select the appointment using the colored user icon to the left then click the Delete button.

Address Book

You can now print the details of a contact.
Contact photos can now be copied, pasted and edited.


You can now print your emails.

Your installation of KitchenHub should upgrade itself to the new version automatically within the next 7 days, but if you can't wait that long then you can go to the Settings->About screen and click the "Check For Update" button to install it immediately.

As ever, if you have any questions or suggestions for new features then please let us know. We love to hear your feedback!

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