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  • Family Calendar
  • Address Book Manager
  • Shopping List
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Your Family Organizer

All-in-one, easy to use family organizer software that helps you to manage and simplify your busy family life.

  • Keeps you on top of your family calendar.
  • Keeps track of your chores and important messages.
  • Keeps you in contact with your friends and family.
  • Works for the whole family, young and old.
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Family Calendar

Keep track of your family calendar

Daily, weekly and monthly color coded family calendar.

To Do List

No more forgotten chores

Track all your family's tasks and chores with color coded, prioritized to do lists.

Shopping List, Recipe Organizer

Organize your home life

Update your shopping list, lookup your favorite recipes & view your local weather.

Sticky Notes

Stop losing important messages

Create bright, colorful, resizable sticky notes.

Family Email

Stay in touch with your family & friends

Fast, easy access to your emails using your existing email accounts. Keep track of your children's emails.

Address Book

All your contact details in one place

Shared family address book with instant lookup by name, number or address.

Fast & Easy To Use

The family organizer that's fast and easy to use

One click access to most features. All your family will be able to use it.

Windows Compatible

Works on your existing PC

Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP. Quick, simple install and auto updated.

Review   "Setting up and using KitchenHub is a breeze. Makes life easy for busy families."

What Our Users Are Saying...
"I absolutely love KitchenHub! It really meets my needs and it is so user friendly. I would recommend it to anyone.” – K Osborn, USA
"Amazing product, just what I've been looking for." - CD, Denmark
"Very easy to use - my five year old daughter just sent her grandma an email!" - SB, Singapore
"I'm AMAZED at your customer service." - H Paulsen, Norway

How the KitchenHub Family Organizer Simplifies Your Family Life

Modern life can be hectic and demanding, especially with a family to look after. Sometimes you just need a little help.

KitchenHub is the all-in-one family planner and family organizer software that really can help you to take control of your life, to get better organized, to keep on top of your busy schedule and to better manage your home.

At the heart of KitchenHub is the home screen, bringing all your important information into one place. The home screen displays your family's daily agenda, your up and coming tasks, your emails and your important messages, all color coded for each person so you can see at a glance exactly who is doing what and when.

From the home screen, with just a click or two, you can create new appointments, read and send emails, lookup an address or phone number, add items to your shopping list, find a favorite recipe or check the local weather. All from one fast, easy to use, great looking application.
Family Organizer
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Monthly Calendar
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Calendar
Weekly Calendar

Your Family Calendar

Let's face it, your family life is busy. Football on Tuesday, doctor's appointment on Thursday, swimming on Saturday - it's difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. KitchenHub has a color coded, multi-user calendar that allows you to schedule all your family's activities with ease. Features include:
  • Multiple people per appointment.
  • View calendar by day, by week or by month
  • View a combined family calendar or switch to a single person's calendar with a single click.
  • Create weekly, monthly or yearly repeating appointments - never forget another birthday!
  • Supports multiple calendars per person - create separate personal, business and school calendars.
  • Subscribe to publicly available iCal calendars - automatically add in public holidays, your favorite sports events, movie listings etc.

Why KitchenHub ?

  • KitchenHub is the family organizer designed for busy households, keeping you up to date with your family schedule, your tasks, your emails, your whole life.
  • Works for all your family, allowing parents and children to have their own calendars, tasks and email accounts and brings them all together in one place to keep families connected.
  • The family planner and home organization software that simplifies your family life and helps get rid of the clutter. Clear the fridge door, get rid of the sticky notes, put the address book away. No more missed appointments or forgotten birthdays.
  • Family managment software that includes a family calendar, to do lists, email, sticky notes, address book, recipe organizer, shopping lists and local weather, everything you need to help run your busy life.
  • Stop wasting money every year on old fashioned paper family organizers, day runners, family planners, mom organizers and appointment diaries. Buy KitchenHub once and use it year after year after year.
  • KitchenHub is the ideal organizing software for your desktop, laptop or touch screen computer and the perfect organiser software to run on your kitchen PC.
  • Learn more about KitchenHub Family Calendar, Family Email, To Do List, Address Book, Recipe Organizer, Shopping List and Sticky Notes.

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